Atma Vichar, Self Inquiry

“In the beginning you are chasing the Buddha
You get tired and exhausted of chasing the Buddha
Then the Buddha starts chasing you
Finally you become one with the Buddha”

Everything is a Function of your True Essence

What is an experience? It can be something you see, feel, hear, smell, or taste. If you call it “inner” our “outer” does not change the fact that it is experienced and that is consciousness. Nobody has ever experienced what a tree is in itself – an object!

Associated Inquiry and Double Attentiveness

Associated Inquiry is a way – a method – to look through appearances. It consists of three pillars:

– Acceptance
– Impermanence
– Inquiry

Let go and become the gap

A direct way is to watch the gaps.

We believe that there is a connection between the process of experiences. Actually, every experience that appears is an island in itself. There are gaps between the experiences.

You were never on the wheel

Everywhere in spiritual circles people are working to stop the wheel. How can you stop something that does not really exist? If you try to stop it, the very effort to stop it will make the wheel roll on.

Wanting what is

Most people believe that they are in charge of their lives, that they are responsible for their actions. They believe that they have a personal will. If you dare to look underneath the dashboard you will see that you are not steering the car; that there is actually no connection between the steering wheel and the running wheel. Seeing this, is liberation.

Enter every form and name

In this dharmadoor you just enter every experience – good or bad, right or wrong, beautiful or ugly -right away. Above all, don’t wobble, don’t hesitate.

You are not the doer

In this Dharmadoor we simply take simple situations from our life and look into them with the question; who is this me that insists, “I decided!” “I chose!” It is extremely freeing just to see through these illusions intellectually, not to say when there is full realisation!

Who Bothers

This is a description and an example of working with the Dharmadoor called Unification.This little article will first explain what Unification is and then there will be a transcription of a short session in Unification.

Freedom here and now

Step 1. “I just want to merge-become one with you”. (realize my one-ness with the divine)

Step 2. “I don’t know how to do that”. (admitting ignorance).

Step 3. “I give it all over to you”. (surrender).

Step 4. “From this moment on I will see every moment in my life as your grace” (affirmation).