Nukunu’s Invitation

Nukunu group in Goa, India
Freedom is not an item to be gained over time – it is already here but we have to wake up to it.

We are like matches that are quick or slow to ignite. Wet matches takes a long time to start to burn, but dry ones catch fire in a moment. It is the same with Spiritual Awakening. When truth is shared with authority it can awaken the student in a second.

Spiritual awakening is not a learning – it is recognising something we always have had. Something we have never got and never can loose.

The work I do is sharing and creating mirroring situations so your spiritual consciousness can be ignited spontaneously. Spiritual awakening is like waking up from a dream. I am like an alarm clock that enters your dream and shakes you.

Spiritual awakening is like living effortlessly unidentified with the shifting movements of experiences.

When you realize that you are pure consciousness itself and not the fragments: the “me”, the feelings, the thoughts or the body sensations, this is experienced as being a virgin space untouched by whatever passes through it. That reality is the most intimate and pure love. Knowing this there arises a deep sense of contentment as you see all the dramas of life rise and fall effortlessly and in an impersonal way. It is an inner amusement and a wonder that never stops.

People can hang out with me as long it takes to dry the matches and get them burning. I offer different opportunities to get you on fire: retreats, satsangs, intensives, private sessions and training in Dharma Doors.

Money should never be a problem. If there is a real longing it is always possible to arrange something with me.