Quotes for Inspiration

Below are some goldnuggets that have come over the years.
I am publishing them here hoping that you can find inspiration in them.

Life is like a mirror hall wherever you look you see your self. Your true nature is the empty mirror.

By looking for the mind, you suddenly see your self reflected in every experience.
That is ultimate freedom.

When you and the problem is there, it is a problem. When only the problem is there, there is no problem.

When you come to the realisation: “I’m not the body”, it will not be like most people think that me and my body are two things. No, you will see, that the body is not real.

There is only one mind. What we call “me” is like a thoughts in the one mind of God.

(6) All of experience is made of the stuff called “I am”.

The seeker thinks that he is looking for the truth. The contrary is more close to the real situation.
It is the truth that is looking for the seeker.

The search for truth is to have the courage to go beyond all concepts.

We are that in which all worlds are arising from and falls back into.

Life is a conspiracy for awakening

When consciousness identifies with a fragment of it self, it will se all things as foreign to Itself.

There is no you, and no me. All of life is like an ongoing movie, where the projector is hidden inside the movie.

The experience of oneness is an ongoing dance of recognition.

You are the mystery that take the form of all the different experiences.

How can you wake up from a sleep, unless somebody who is awake shakes you into awakening?
A Master is someone living together with you in the dream of life.
But the Master knows it is a dream, you don’t.

Your true nature is emptiness, but this emptiness appears as the million things.

Awakening is absolute intimacy with life. When this intimacy is total, you realise that life is absolute impersonal. That is the biggest joy there is.

In the moment of awakening consciousness recognises it self in all things.

A statement about truth has to be contradictory: I’m all that I’m experiencing and far beyond also.
Truth is everywhere and nowhere.

The understanding is a presence in the presence.

You are that which fills out all forms, but has no form it self.

To live an enlightened life is not to live in the things, but let the things live in you.

You are that.
When it moves, we call it experience, life.
When it is still, we call it death.
But we are that whether it moves or is still.

It is not about changing anything. It is about not being changed by anything.

When there is no thing in the mind, and no mind in things, that is clarity.

Life is an ongoing movie, without an audience. It’s all in the play.

The mind is nothing but hesitation and doubt. The total authentic mind is no-mind.

Awakening is to understand the mind from the point of emptiness. Ignorance is to try to understand awakening from the minds point of view.

A true longing for truth is the only thing that makes it possible to break the spell of thousands lives of ignorance.

The only reason that we are not free is that we believe we are not. We identify with and support these believes unconsciously. That is why we are missing the obvious: That our essential nature hold on to nothing and is forever free.

You are creating stories, but “you” are not a story

If everything is seen as a gift of God, there will be no room for the mind, and awakening can happen instantly.

There is a great mystery moving everything, also this particular body, mind, I call me. To realise that I’m this unbelievable, wondrous mystery – that the me is THAT, is freedom from all entanglement.
This is what satsang is about. To be touched and reminded about that.

A story from an unknown indian writer:

“One night the king dreamt that he was going to die the next day precisely at 8 p.m. In despair he called together all his wise men and asked them what to do. They suggested that he should saddle the fastest horse in the kingdom and ride away as quickly as he could. He followed their advice and rode as fast as he could. He rode and rode until the horse was ready to drop. When they reached a big forest, the horse couldn’t take one more step and the king jumped off relieved and freed of his fear. That very moment Death stepped out from the shadow of a tree and said, ”I was just about to get worried whether you would be in time!”

We are always in time. We are always exactly on the right place to the right time. The mind survives – among other things – by denying that fact. If we were able to understand this, there would be no space left for doubting. Doubt is distance – separation – ego.
Pain is the believe that I’m separate. That there is a “me”, which can choose things to be differently.

We are always on the right place to the right time. It just can’t be different.

(36 )
The priceless pearl is realised in a moment of stillness, where consciousness recognises it self as all things.

Meditation techniques can never be meditation. A technique is something we do and meditation is something we are.
All meditation techniques are devices to bring about meditation.

The problem is not the content of the mind! The problem is that you believe that “you” are responsible, that there is a “me” that can change the mind.

True compassion arises from the truth, that there is no one responsible for the actions. People do what they do because they can’t help it otherwise.

Real love is an involuntary commitment.

Let go of the desired things and desire the very desire it -self.

Enter every form and name and realize the formless.

True wisdom is not an understanding it is a shift in consciousness.

To know who we are, we don’t need to be “figured out”.
We just need to be exposed!

You cannot become Enlightened you can only be Enlightened.

Stop all search and be as you are.

You are already that which you are looking for.

Selfrealization is to be finished with all things,
without being tired of anything.

Absorption without witnessing leads to dreams and unconsciousness.
Witnessing without absorption is control.
When absorption and witnessing becomes one there is a spontaneous effortlessness.
That is resting in the source as the source.

To be mindful is the whole secret.
One moment spent not being present is missing the real life.

There is a reality inside everyone that is always free. When the mind relaxes, this reality appears by it self. It can not be brought out or cultivated forth because it is there already. It is only discovered by relaxing as awareness into what is experienced here and now because everything is essentially that unconditional freedom.

You have learnt to look with only one eye so you only see the apparent,
the superficial.
I will try to get you to see with two eyes – the apparent and the essential –
and finally I will invite you to see with your heart, which is the oneness
of the two others.

”Don’t get lost in the garden (the world) – realize that you your self is the creator of the garden”

You have learnt to look with only one eye so you only see the apparent – the superficial.
You must come to see with two eyes, the apparent and the essential and finally with your heart, which is the oneness of the two others.

Either your awakening begins by seeing that there is no object,
or it begins by seeing that there is no subject.

“When you realize the truth in this, you become THAT”

In the Natural State thoughts are naturally self-arising and naturally and spontaneously liberated. We are this spontaneous freedom inside
every experience.

When we are present and mindful the solidity of the mind starts to “crack” – becoming open and transparent and the feeling of oneness is natural and effortless.

The life we see and live blindfolded (through the eyes of ignorance) is just a distraction from the real.

Life is not something out there that we can capture with more or less luck! We are ourselves the source of life. If we are not in contact with that source we may wonder why our life is so pale and meaningless.

When you go deep you will see and feel that life is not happening to you, it is happening in you.

When you are in your natural state, you can embrace everything.
When you are not, everything is upside down and you are hopelessly disturbed.

On the journey of self discovery and spiritual awakening, we come to realize that there is nothing that can be worked out or is in need of transformation.
In that very realization arises the benediction of true wisdom.

Life is not something “out there” that we can capture with more or less luck!
We are ourselves the source of life. If we are not in contact with that source
we may wonder why our life is so pale and meaningless.”
When you go deep you will see and feel that life is not happening to you it is happening “in you.”

When you are truly at home in yourself, you will experience to be home everywhere you go.

If you have realized that you are not the doer, you will simultaneously see that your parents and other people from your past are also not responsible for what you may have been blaming them for. They are also innocent just like you. This is totally freeing!

When you come into who you really are it is totally freeing and blissful because there is no “me” to have opinions and judgments. Truth just is; you cannot know it but you can be it! When you are free of knowing you are free of the ego’s tyranny of like and dislike.

Enlightenment is an effortless activity. When you are THAT, the illusion of duality between “me” and “the other” is spontaneously recognized. It is literally as if an invisible scissor cuts any tendency to attachment or rejection. Every moment “you” (the ego) is seen through effortlessly.

We are constantly identifying ourselves with the changing movie of life – thoughts, feelings and states of mind that come and go. Out of the pain of identification many chose to hold on to awareness alone and discarding the rest, but in either case the likely expected outcome is feeling separated and unfulfilled. True self realization is to know the oneness of awareness and experiences.

Silence is of the mind, stillness is of the heart.

The life we experience from the senses and from thinking is indirect. Our knowledge is transmitted via senses and mind. We call that knowledge dualistic because we are separated from our experiences.
The wisdom of the heart is direct because it is not transmitted. The heart knows through empathy. The heart’s wisdom is intuition, the minds knowledge is conceptual. The Truth is realized in the heart.

We do not wake up because we keep on giving energy to the idea of a separated entity called “me”.
Very few people investigate the reality of this “me.”

The world we are experiencing with our thinking, feeling and sensing is a distraction from the real world.
The real world is realized when we become still and enter the heart. Then we will know that the real world is hidden in everything that we can think, feel and experience.

The dream character (the character you are identifying yourself with in the dream) will never meet the dreamer (you! fast asleep in the bed). When you are awake the dream character from last night’s dream is unreal. When you were identified with the dream character in the dream, you had no idea that you were being dreamt.
It is the same with the dream of life (Maya). When we believe ourselves to be the dream character (the ego) we have no conscious awareness of the cosmic dreamer (the Self).

All there is is consciousness. Spirit and matter are just different appearances of consciousness. When it moves we call it experiences. You are that consciousness!

Mind is a fragment of consciousness. This fragment is seeing itself as separated from the whole. Mind is private. Mind is ego-personality. Consciousness is impersonal.

When we say “no mind” we mean “stop the conceptualization”. The mind is not good or bad it is just an appearance of consciousness.

Delusion is when consciousness identifies itself with a fragment of itself. Awakening is when consciousness knows itself to be the mother of all things. The experience of this is the feeling of no separation – that everything is myself.

This body/mind is the dance of the Divine and even the worried separated sense of “me”, is part of this dance. There is only THAT and I am that.

You know the windows that open from below. You open the window by pushing the lower part out. Imagine a little insect trying desperately to come out so it is trying to push through the glass. It gets so exhausted that it finally drops and it is out, it is free! Enlightenment is like this you end up letting go of all attempts and you are suddenly free.

The rascal ego hides in the content of the mind that is called “identification”. An experience arises and we believe that we are it. A body sensation arises and immediately we believe “I am the body”. When a negative feeling arises we feel bad and when a positive feeling arises we feel good. This is painful, because it is not the truth. The Ego is like a worm crawling from one hole (identification) to another hole (next identification). If we could stay aware in the gap that occurs when the worm has left one hole and is not yet lost in the next, we could wake up; we could see that there actually is no worm (no Ego). But we don’t see this because we believe ourselves to be the “worm” and therefore we don’t look.

When you are totally in your true Self – Samadhi – there is no world and when you are totally in the world there is no true you. I feel my live is between these two extremes.


The truth is that which doesn’t change, and it is felt as a presence or a sense of being. It is the nature of the Heart. Here is the beginning; we become aware of a presence that is not changing.

The mind will not understand it, so it will give up very quickly. But if we can stay here, there is a chance that we will realise this presence; that we will become it. This cannot be done by willpower, but with patience, silence and love “it can happen”. We call this an awakening – a shift. We can call it an awakening to our true nature, pure consciousness or God. When this shift happens we will know that everything is God and it is felt extremely well. We will know that this is what we came for! In this realisation the I-sense is dethroned – it is no longer who you are. You are consciousness – you are now the essence of every experience.