Let go and become the gap

A direct way is to watch the gaps.

We believe that there is a connection between the process of experiences. Actually, every experience that appears is an island in itself. There are gaps between the experiences.

It is also important to understand that thoughts and experiences are not really born or die. How can something that has no self-nature be born or die? Thoughts and experiences are like waves on the ocean. The ocean appears as waves, but the ocean and the waves are not two things.

The same is the case with consciousness. When there is an experience it only means that the pure consciousness (no thing) takes the form of an experience, that is all… nothing is really born or dies!

By being aware of the gap between two thoughts, there can be a “silent explosion” – a shift! The moment consciousness moves from one form and name to another, there is a gap.

The Dharmadoor:

Allow the mind to relax. Watch the breath for a while! It will relax the mind.
When the mind is relaxed, you just let go moment to moment of the thoughts and become the gap between them.

To become the gap means that you surrender yourself into the gap, no thinking and no looking for anything.

Let go and become the gap!