Private sessions

Need for therapy

The mind is often so burden that it is impossible to relax and come into peace, and it is not possible to know who we are if the mind cannot be at ease and transparent for a moment. A private session is one way of working with this.

I work with trauma, early life decisions, Shock and Gestalt Therapy and Voice Dialogue to help removing obstacles so meditation and clarity can arise. It can be one sessions or a longer program depending on the situation.

A session costs 700 DKK. Or if a session happens in Sweden, it costs 700 SEK.


Nukunu gives sessions on Skype for 100 Euro.

Coming to MATTER OF THE HEART Gilleleije, Denmark

People are welcome to come and stay for longer and shorter time at “Matter of the Heart”. If you take care of your own food- you can use the kitcen here- it cost 150 DKK. a night in summer time and 200 DKK. , in winter time. You can use the time to meditate or go for walks in the beautiful nature, or have sessions with Nukunu if he is home.

How to apply

You can contact me on email: Nukunu: