Practical visiting info

Practical information when visiting Nukunu

Nukunu’s residens
Gilleleje station is located 2 km from Nukunu’s house. Pick up at station is free. Just call.

Nukunu, Lerager 14, DK-3250 Gilleleje

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Nukunu’s phone:  
+45 29 63 86 25


To buy a plane ticket
Use for example:

Note that on most low-cost airlines you shall decline to purchase a seat reservation, otherwise they charge you extra.


How to purchase the Sacha linage Gayatri mantra
About Gayatri mantra:
To buy from:                order code G04

Direct link to buy CD:


Simple Danish lesson
1 EUR = 7,50 DKK    or    1 DKK = 0,14 EUR

DKK = Danske kroner = Danish Kroner (I.e. we do not use EUR in Denmark).

Tak =Thank you

Mange tak = Thank you very much.

Hej = Hello, hi, goodby
Transportation from Airport
To buy a ticket in the Airport to go to Gilleleje

  • Buy the ticket in a machine in the arrival terminal.
  • Look for the “DSB” signs. The machines are red.
  • Buy a one-way ticket, price 124 DKK (app. 17 EUR – 2019 price)
    • Instruction:
    • Choose “English”
    •  “Greater Copenhagen”
    • “Other destinations”
    •  Type: “Gil”
    • “Find”
    • Choose “Gilleleje”
    • Choose number of adults
    • “Now”
    • “Add to basket”
    • Choose the basket icon
    • “Pay”
    • Now pay with cash or Credit card
  • The ticket is valid on any train/metro/S-train/bus via Hillerød or Helsingør.
  • (A taxi costs approximately 1.500 DKK = 200 EUR!!)


Via Helsingør

(Travel time approximately 2 hours)

It is a little slower than via Hillerød, but you only have to change trains once, and it is a beautiful and convenient ride. (From December 2020, you must also change at Østerport station)

  • Take the öresund-train with destination “Helsingør” (It departs from Track 2 under the arrival terminal).
    • Journey time is 1 hour
  • Change in Helsingør to the yellow Lokaltog with destination “Gilleleje”.
    • It is located at the south end of the station, on the city-center side (west side). (i.e. not at the sea-side of the station)
    • Journey time is 45 minutes
  •  Get off at “Gilleleje” station, not at “Gilleleje Øst” station
    • I repeat: Do NOT get off at “Gilleleje Øst”. And if you do anyway, be sure to tell us 🙂
  • We will pick you up. Call us.


Via Hillerød

(Travel time approximately 1 hour 45 minutes):

  • Take the metro (any line is OK) located at the end of the arrival terminal
  • Get off at Nørreport station
  • Take the S-train with destination “Hillerød”
    • To find the S-train, follow the signs with a S on red background
  • Get off at Hillerød (last station on the line)
  • Take the yellow “Lokaltog” with destination “Gilleleje”, track ??
  • Get off in Gilleleje (Journey time is 30 minutes)
  • We will pick you up. Call us.


From Copenhagen central station, if you arrive by train from Sweden or?
Buy a ticket for Gilleleje. Machines are located in the main hall. The ticket is valid for any train.

Take the S-train on track 9-10 with destination Hillerød. And see instruction above.


Take a train with destination Helsingør, usually track 1, but it can also be track 2, 3 or 4.

And see instruction above.


Transportation from Helsingør, when arriving by ferry from Sweden
If you arrive in Helsingør by ferry from Helsingborg/Sweden you simply take the Lokaltog with destination Gilleleje.

  • Ticket can be bought in the 7-eleven shop or in a machine in the train (you can pay with VISA or cash).
  • The yellow “Lokaltog” with destination Gilleleje is located at the south end of the station, on the city center side (West side). (i.e. not at the sea-side of the station).
  • Get off at “Gilleleje” station, not at “Gilleleje Øst” station
  • We will pick you up. Call us.


If you plan to visit Nukunu again it will be 30-45% cheaper to use public transportation if you use a “Rejse-kort” (a chip based “traveling card”) J.

The card can be bought at most railway stations including Copenhagen Central station, Helsingør station (7-eleven) and Gilleleje station. Rejse-kort cannot be purchased at Copenhagen Airport L.

Rejse-kort costs 100 DKK, and includes 100 DKK for traveling. When it is empty you just fill it up with money from your VISA card in a machine at the station.

Mr. Scrooge wants you to notice that if you go home via Copenhagen Airport, it will be cheaper for you to purchase the “rejse-kort” than to purchase the normal 125 DKK ticket to go to the airport.

Also please notice that when Gilleleje station is closed in the evening and weekend you cannot purchase the rejse-kort. So make sure you purchase it on a weekday in the daytime.

You present the card in the “CHECK IND” stand before travelling, and the “CHECK UD” (=check out) stand when finishing your trip.


If you find errors in the above, or suggestions for improvements, it will be a big help if you inform: