Nukunu talks about a very famous teacher, Satyam Nadeen, who had his awakening in jail.
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“It is not important what we do, it matters what we are”

When consciousness identifies with a fragment of it self, it will see all things as foreign to Itself.

Life is a conspiracy for awakening.

We are that in which all worlds are arising from and falls back into.

The search for truth is to have the courage to go beyond all concepts.

The seeker thinks that he is looking for the truth. The contrary is more close to the real situation.
It is the truth that is looking for the seeker.

All of experience is made of the stuff called “I am”.

There is only one mind. What we call “me” is like a thoughts in the one mind of God.

When you come to the realisation: “I’m not the body”, it will not be like most people think that me and my body are two things. No, you will see, that the body is not real.

When you and the problem is there, it is a problem. When only the problem is there, there is no problem.

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As a spiritual teacher Nukunu works both with individual sessions and groups. He has been working with therapy and meditation for the last 30 years and combines these experiences with his insights from different spiritual traditions.