Meetings will happen on skype

Because of the Corona Virus, we will need to work more thru Skype at this point.Call on this Skype nr, “Nukunu Larsen” , and I connect with you.

Whole day – two sessions, morning 10.00 afternoon 15.00.

  • April 19th.
  • May 17th.
  • May 31st.

Satsangday – Satsang at 19.00

  • April 7th.
  • April 16th
  • April 29th.
  • May 12th.

Individual session if you want
You can always have individual sessions on skype. If so mail me at nukunu.youarethat(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

See you! – Nukunu
(More will come as we see how the Coronas behave.)

Satsang 100 DK
Whole day 400 DK

Here is how to pay


Nukunu Jørgen Larsen, Therapist, Spiritual teacher