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How do you know if you are Enlightened?

How do you know if you are Enlightened?


Here is some ways that can explain:

  1. It is a spontaneous break of minds continuity.
  2. The truth, Enlightenment, is not something you understand with your mind, it is “something you are”. The mind cannot understand it. It is the forth dimension “Turiya” in sanskrit.
  3. You will know beyond any doubts because it is beyond “knowing and not knowing.” You realise that you are mind itself not one of its millions of modifications.
  4. The moment you realise, you will feel oneness with everything and at the same time free of all the experiences. It is because the mind is the mother of all the experiences.
  5. The Ego is de-throned in a split second and it is not an effort of the ego. It happens when the mind is totally still. The ego is not gone, but it is no longer your identity. It is now an experience like other experiences.
  6. You live now in a total effortlessness. It is a little bit like being the screen in the movie. The screen is not affected by the different movies. The screen is not getting wet because the movie is showing a sea. The screen is not burning when the movie is showing a fire. The screen is totally free, not interfering with the movie. But no screen, no movie.

This was a few words for it. – Nukunu