Weekend Intensive: This Body the Buddha

Weekend Intensive with Nukunu and Anette Torgersen.

“To have a physical body is the greatest gift,
because there are nowhere you see the impermanence so clear.”

Our body is just a word – a label of something so deep and mysterious. I we could just drop the words and labels and just experience this body it would be another matter.

The first we will notice is that the body is a river of impressions! Every impression seems to be there for a very short while, just to be exchanged for another as momentary impressions come and go. If we look closely every sensation and every impression is new and will never come again.

This insight brings us here now – no past and no future! And not only that! If we can continue experiencing without coming into thinking, we will know that all the impressions lack a separate nature – they are impermanent; insubstantial. If we could continue with this we would realize something that is not changing in the river of impressions. This something unchangeable is the Buddha Nature. In the first glimpse of this -our true nature – we may feel a happiness we never felt before. There is peace or trust, but when we slowly learn to be this Buddha Nature all the time, we will come out of the dream of life. We will live the real life which is beyond life and death. This is the work. Don’t stop before this is realized!

During the retreat Annette will work two hours every day with the body to bring us in touch with the mystery of this body. She calls her work “Kinetic Awareness” and it is a practice built on slow and silent movements. To read more about Kinetic Awareness please click here.

Then Nukunu will take us into mediations, dharmadoors and open sessions in order to invite a true knowing of who we really are.

Is there any soul?

Nukunu talks on afterlife.

Posted by Nukunu on Saturday, July 11, 2015