Kinetic Awareness

Kinetic Awareness is a soft, quiet and noninvasive method to wake up movement.
You will practice “Being in Doing”, through working with very slow movements. Besides facilitating a space that directs you towards pleasure, relaxation, grounding, breathing, investigation and inquiry, you are also opening up your physical energy and power. You do not want to fix or change the body – you want to be with the body while it moves.

During the Kinetic Awareness work, you get a possibility to be present and aware of all the changes taking place in the body, and in this way you get an invitation to see through how impermanent and corruptible the body is. The fruit of this practice can lead you to fall into stillness, a room of awareness, and open up for realization of who you really are. You could say that the body is a Dharmadoor, a vehicle for moving beyond the body and back to the Source. Here you will realize that you are consciousness itself.

Anette Torgersen is interested in meeting and exploring the heart and beauty through dance and movement. She has worked as a dancer, choreographer and movement pedagogue/therapist since 1977 at institutions and free groups both nationally and internationally. Anette has been involved with spiritual practice and healing movement since 1992. She was artistic leader of the group SOMADANCEPOETRY 1995-2003. She was also leading the development of a Movement Coaching Program 2002-2009 at The Norwegian Dance College. Currently she is writing on a Ph.D. on the subject “Movement Awareness”.

Written material:
1. Kinetic Awareness is a short chapter in the book “The Body in Relationship Self-Other-Society” published by BodyPsychotherapy Publications 2014 after a congress in Lisboa.
This chapter gives some information about the work and how it came into being.
2. Realization of the living body is a paper where Anette writes about how Kinetic Awareness, presence and mindfulness also can be a tool within the field of learning.

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