Meera Xãnu Pãnã

Individual body therapy sessions

As a body therapist, I rely on my professional education, the method Rebalancing, knowledge gained through dietary austerities of shamanism, and the experience of the path traveled.

Re-balancing is a deep, meditative work on the physical, mental, and energy levels. It includes reading the body, a variety of massage techniques, working with breathing, emotions and their expression, awareness, therapy, movement teaching, and working with energy. As a meditative approach to work with the body it deepens awareness, and starts the natural healing process.

In my work, I combine the knowledge of the physical body, a meditative approach, therapy experience, energy work, subtle sensation, and intuitive vision. More information about me and feedback from sessions you can see here.

My clinic is located in Frederikssund, Roskildevej 18A, Denmark.+45 53 88 38 99

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