Lasse Thomsen

New opportunity for Non-Dual-therapy is offered in Copenhagen by psychologist and ND-therapist Lasse Thomsen. Lasse has been practicing meditation and Non-Dual-therapy for about 12 years.

Who am I?

My name is Lasse Thomsen (Swamiji). My experience is that modern people in general are too engaged in their thought processes and pay too little attention to what their body and heart are trying to communicate to them.

My motto is: Feel the body – follow the heart! Because only the body knows your needs – and only your heart knows your deepest longing. The head is simply not a good adviser in these fields of existence.

This simple understanding sets out the directions for every therapy session: How do we get from the psychological challenges of the head to the body and further on to the heart? 

When walking this path to the body and the heart I often use a wide range of therapeutic tools. This includes techniques from cognitive, meta-cognitive therapy and other traditions. However I never lose sight of where we are going.

–        towards peace of mind and peace of heart!

Hope to meet you there!

Consultations are available in Danish and English

For more information visit:

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Individual sessions: 900 DKK

Reduced price for students/unemployed: 500 DKK

Online sessions: 500 DKK

(First session is for half price)

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