Buddha Psychology

Buddha Psychology


Non-Dual Therapy Training with Nukunu

It is not about trying to change things
It is about not being changed by any-thing.

The Non-Dual-Therapy training is a training that goes beyond normal therapy. We will of course use therapeutic techniques to unravel and relax the fight in the mind. However, as the mind starts relaxing we will work with dharmadoors (powerful techniques that can lead to glimpses of real inner freedom) to move back into Source – to who we really are. We will also work a lot with mindfulness and meditation.
Non dual therapy is based on the fact that the experiencer and the experienced are both expressions of the essential nature of consciousness. There are in reality not two. So in non Dual Therapy we go beyond this false separation by realizing our true identity as consciousness.

“Don’t mistake the weather for the sky”

When we live identified with the subject (the separated me) we suffer tremendously. One of the criterions for living our true nature is no suffering. You go beyond psychological suffering by realizing who you are (consciousness itself).
The aim of this training is to have a direct experience of who you are and you will then see, that who you really are is not touched by the different experiences that make up your life. That is why Spiritual Liberation is true freedom.

An intervju with Nukunu about Non Dual Theraphy (NDT) made by Eva-Lotta Runfors has recently been published on YouTube:

Nukunu and Non Dual Therapy – Interview by Eva-Lotta Runfors


This training is not only an opportunity to work deeply and intensely with your own issues and eventually see the world from a different perspective, but it also trains you to work with people using the techniques you will learn.


  • Primal work, early life decisions and imprints.
  • Relating, Gestalt Therapy.
  • Power, Shadow Sides and Projections, Introjections.
  • Voice dialogue
  • Rapport building and Counselling from the Heart.
  • Psychic readings- subtle energy reading in the body
  • Working with death and finishing business.
  • Dharmadoors and meditation.
  • Different forms of Enquiry into who we are.

You will also learn and do active sharing with other participants in your family group on the training. This intimate process based on trust is very supportive and freeing. You will also be put into home groups where you meet outside the training to work on each other and also practice techniques you learn.


At the end of the training you will receive a certificate containing the disciplines and techniques you have learned.


When and Were?

The training is arranged in different places depending on the local demand for the course. Normally it is given over weekends during a year or a year and a half, but there have also been longer and more intensive trainings in the past. See Nukunus schedule or the start page for more info.