Buddha Psychology II Advanced Training in Non-Dual Therapy

Buddha Psychology II
Advanced Training in Non-Dual Therapy

Gilleleje 2013 – 2014

(In English with Danish translation when needed)

“All sorrow is created by desiring – striving for something
that is already present”

This is an invitation for former participants in Non-Dual Therapy I to build on what they have learned in the first part. The training is also open to people who have worked intensively with therapy and meditation, but you should write a letter to Nukunu first about your background and we will tell you if you can join.

In the first part we have put a great emphasis on therapy with the purpose of relaxing the struggles in the mind. We have also understood the purpose of working with impermanence and overcoming separation and duality.
Now with the maturity acquired, it is time to go more directly to the core of the matter. When we have worked with the main obstruction that clouds the mind it is easier to leave the periphery of the “Everyday Mind” and go directly to realize the “Nature of Mind”.

In part II we will put a lot of emphasis on working with Koans (a word from Zen Buddhism) and the participants will also learn how to work with them. Koans are questions, which when answered, makes the person answering become the answer. There is no conventional answer to a Koan but working with the Koan brings you directly into your Natural State – Buddhahood. Koans are eminent to help this movement back to source.
Throughout my years of teaching, I have witnessed that many people have experienced glimpses of awakening or have come into clarity when doing this process.

We will also work on Psychic Reading: the ability to make a psychological/spiritual diagnosis from a psychic reading. By reading the chakras and the male/female we can sense and see how much the “Buddha Quality” has been exposed and integrated in a person and what is in the way for former growth of the psyche.

We will also work more deeply on the great art of listening and counseling from the heart.

We will learn to work with Open Group Work, where we are using the members of the group to help mirroring and facilitating insights and breaking psychological limitations. Many of our problems where created in relation with other people – parents, lovers, friends, teachers – so they should also be resolved with other people. Techniques and ways to do that are among others Psychodrama and Family Constellations.

During the training we will explore a wider range of Dharmadoors more deeply. You will also be able to buy them on CDs if you wish. The Dharmadoors that I will talk over and which we will practise are the following:

  1. Put your attention on awareness
  2. I am That
  3. Holding on to nothing, holding nothing away
  4. Say yes to your yes and yes to your no
  5. Impermanence
  6. Awareness
  7. Acceptance
  8. Concentration
  9. Looking without looking
  10. Love
  11. Desires
  12. The centre of the cyclone
  13. Double attentiveness
  14. Take it into the heart
  15. Experience oneness with everything
  16. Don’t take it personal
  17. Look with your heart
  18. Pierce through
  19. Enter every form and realize the formless
  20. Associated Inquiry
  21. Self-Inquiry
  22. What will I have to feel and experience to be present
  23. Cutting the crap
  24. Experiencing oneness with every moment
  25. Every experience is a function of our true essence


The training takes place over 8 weekends. Each part starts on Friday at 19.30 and ends Sunday at 17.00.

Dates for the modules:

2013: 3-5 May, 30 August-1 September, 4-6 October.
2014: 17-19 January, 4-6 April, 6-8 June, 15-17 August, 24-26 October.


At the end of the training you will receive a certificate containing the disciplines and techniques you have learned.


The total cost of the training is 13 600 DKK and it includes cost of food that the participants will help to prepare.
When signing in for the training you pay a deposit of 1 700 DKK, and then 1 700 DKK, each time except the last time. You are also welcome to pay for the whole training at the start.
Deposit: The deposit for the training must be paid latest the 1 April 2013.

Signing up for the training:

You sign up by sending a mail to Nukunu: nukunu.youarethat@gmail.com
We will send you a mail with the details for how to pay when we have received your mail
Please note that the deposit for the training must be paid latest the 1 April.
You commit yourself for all 8 meetings unless something else is arranged with Nukunu.


You can stay on our premises (we have 7 beds). The accomodation is 150 DKK in the summertime (April to November) and 200 DKK in the winter (November to April). This includes breakfast. Towel and bedsheets are 50 DKK if you don´t bring your own. Tenting in the garden is also possible during warmer days for 100/day. There are also bed/breakfast nearby with different price range.
You are asked to make arrangement and book in good time as we can only contain a limited number of people in our space in Gilleleje.

For more information about coming to programs in Gilleleje click here.




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