What is witnessing?

from Question/answeres with Nukunu

What is witnessing, Nukunu?

Nukunu´s answer:

The first kind of witnessing is dualistic. This is when we are still identified with the ego. When we see everything from the point of view of separation – the “me” (the ego) and what we experience. In this type witnessing there are still two: the subject and the object. It also takes an effort because it is a doing.

When the shift happens, when you realise consciousness, witnessing is no longer a doing. Now it becomes effortless, a tremendous freedom – a total let go. Enlightenment is living in this let go. When something arises, it is immediately and spontaneously witnessed. Just joy….

In the beginning, when there still is effort, we meditate and try to not identify with the content of the mind; we are just, witnessing. Suddenly there is a shift. It feels like all effort falls away and there is just witnessing with no “me” doing it! This is our Natural State.

There is an even deeper state – the third state. In the second state the mind becomes transparent like in a dream, but there are still experiences. Then, as you more and more relax as consciousness, the mind slowly becomes empty and you realise your identity with the Divine. This can only felt, but not be known. Here we are home and all searching has come to an end! There is no one left to search and there is nothing to search.