Training in Dharma Doors – How to transform pain into honey

Training in Dharma Doors –
How to transform pain into honey

(5 modules of 6 days each)


Course information

The focus of the course will be to take our daily stories, whatever they are and transform them into their true nature. This true nature is the essential nature of all experiences. The reason we don’t realize that is because we don’t go beyond the apparent.

Working with Dharmadoors will show you that real freedom is already present in the most difficult.

 A dharma door is a device that takes you from the dual to the non-dual, from the neurotic state to the natural state. This is an in-depth program for you who are interested in enquiring into your own path to awakening. You will learn and practice 20-28 major dharma doors to awakening, find which door best suits you, and learn how to share the doors with others.

Description of content

An experience arises (is born) and subsides (dies). “You” are not born and will not die. “You” don’t belong to these categories. What arises and passes does not really exist because you can’t keep anything of it. It has no lasting self-nature. When you reach the evening the day has gone. All the events that has happened during the day is gone forever, never to repeat them self. They where made of the stuff that dreams are made of. Trying to hold on to them is like trying to grasp air.
That is why I call it illusions or lies.

What I call the “Natural State” is that which is always the same, never changing. When you realize it you can say, “I am the same” whatever is happening.

I have been working with people in quest for Self-realization for about 20 years now.
I have learned a lot over these years, what helps people to come into the Natural State and what takes them out.
The work is sudden awakening, gradual cultivation.

Awakening can never be promised. You cannot learn Self-realization. You can invite it and if the invitation is unconditional there is a big chance it will happen. It is not within the power of the mind to produce it. The natural state or Self-realization is that which is before the mind arises: you must be before you can experience anything. So this “You”- the Natural State – is not found in the content of the mind. It is nothing that you can think about (it is not conceptual) it is not an experience either, it is the thinker/the experiencer!

Sudden awakening happens when the mind is absent for a short moment.
I call the devices/ techniques that invite this discontinuities of the mind for “Dharmadoors”.

Since I started to work with people on this great matter there has come about 28 dharmadoors. I would like to teach these Dharmadoors to those who are interested in real freedom. I will give the teachings over five times 6 days each so that there will be time for the participants to practice in the times between the training days.

The gradual cultivation is a life work. It never stops. Self-realization is not a state. I agree with Roshi Suzuki when he calls Enlightenment an activity. It is an effortless seeing through moment to moment.

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