Working with “Tao Te Ching”

Tao Te Ching is even more famous than The Bible and the book has been very important in developing Chan (Chinese word for the Sanskrit word Dhyan which mean meditation) and later in Japan Zen. In Buddhism Tao is equivalent to Buddha Nature. In our Christian world it is the oneness with the Divine.
In this weekend we will dive into this incredible teaching and get glimpses of its meaning.
If you are ready and open a great text like Tao Te Ching can transmit the unsayable, the unspeakable. Tao has to be realized in your own innermost being. We will use one of the few Swedish interpretations of Tao Te Ching, “Urban Tao” by Richard Krusell, as a focus and then see if we can enter the meaning through meditations, Dharmadoors and open work.
Richard will give a Dharmatalk Saturday and Sunday over a text from Tao te Ching and Nukunu will lead the rest of the two days.