The Zen Satori Experience, Australia

Satori comes from Zen Buddhism and it means ”a glimpse of truth” or a moment of awakening. In the Zen Satori Experience we work with “Koans” which is a word that also comes from Zen. A koan is a question that cannot be answered intellectually.

The question can only be “answered” by becoming the answer. Working on the koan takes you directly into that which you have never got and can never loose – your own innermost reality. In other words, if you can answer the question you will not really understand anything intellectually but you will know!

In the famous Diamond Sutra of Buddha says,

“When I realized incomparable Enlightenment, I realized absolutely nothing”

It is such a wonderful statement because it is so clear. Enlightenment is not something that can be compared. If it was it would be of the mind, and everything in the mind is concepts that can be discussed and relative states that can be compared. But your innermost reality is a “no-mind” reality. It is a dimension beyond what the mind can grasp. So when Buddha says “I realized absolutely nothing” it means the “no-mind” which also is a “no-thing”.

Over the years Nukunu has discovered many ways to invite us to realize and realign with our true nature. We can never lose our true nature, but we can be unaware of it. This unawareness is pain, and whether we know it or not we are always trying to reach it in our constant attempt to be happy and fulfilled.

Working with Koan is a direct way that helps us to identify as “the Source” here and now.