Matter of The Heart Center, Gilleleje, Denmark

The Wisdom of no escape – Buddha Psychology

August 14.-16., October 23.-25. and November 27.-29

Everything we experience “outside” and “inside”the whole creation is an appearance of the Divine. It is all God but it manifest as the milions and milions of things.

All these appearances are all not real, meaning they have no separate self natur This is very difficult to understand but easy to realise if we just understand and take the time for it.

Every experience is consciousness as form and name. There is no objective reality. No one has found it. The quanta-physics realised in the beginning of the 20 century what the East has known for thousands of years that what the senses show us bot inside and outside is an illusion.

It is very important we understand what it means when we call it an illusion.

We will not deny that we have experiences! Both inside and out side but if we go close and experience our experience, just totally here now with no language-nor labels!! The experience become kind of transparent-dreamlike and you fall into the real you, which is a totally fulfilling state and you will just know that this state is the nature of everything.

So it is two thing simultaneously YOU and THE DIVINE but they are identical. You just know it even if the whole world denies it because it is not an intellectual understanding! It cannot be expressed in concepts. The Monkey mind cannot understand it because it is not belonging to time and space. The monkey mind can only deal with the three dimensions. Presence-feelings and thinkings, Dreams and dreamless-sleep. The truth, who you are, is an under-current, a kind of never changing being-ness. The East give it the name Turiya-The Forth-but it cannot be explained in words. Who we are-the essential nature of everything is the forth dimension, so we appear as experiences in the three dimensions. I know it is difficult to understand we will with the monkey mind but I tell you, it is so simpel to realise! When you have realised Turiya very deep every experiences is seen through spontaneously! You know the real nature of everything without doing any thing.

This understanding- realisation – we will come into in many different ways.

So I have in mind to let it be an ongoing group where you can join if it fits you. Every meeting will be a new “set up”. Each group will be 3 days, Friday to Sunday and cost 2.500, incl. food/acc.