The Tibetan Book Of The Death

“You are that, when it takes form of movement, we call it experience – life. When it is still, we call it death. But we are That whether it moves or is still.” -Nukunu

In these three days we will dive into “The Tibetan Book of the Death.”

I have given this Intensive over “Bardo Thodol” many times. Bardo means a state of mind, And Thodol often translated as hearing.  It is also translated as “Liberation Through Hearing”


Every Intensive over Bardot Thodol is profound because the content touches something very deep in us.

The book describes the period between physical death and rebirth- the transit process. In this period we are moving through bardoes (states of consciousness) each holding the opportunity to awaken.

Everyday Mind

The Buddhists call all we can experience- all states of consciousness for “Everyday Mind” and the awakened stat for realizing the “Nature of Mind”. So the nature of mind (our essential nature) gives rise to the Everyday Mind.

Every bardo we are passing through, in the transit phase, is an opportunity to realize the Nature of mind because all the bardoes are different experiences of Everyday mind. As we can awaken in life we can equally awaken in death. In case we are not awakened wile alive it is important not to miss the next opportunity in death.

Nukunu no 1

Welcome! -Nukunu