Meditation and Dharmadoors

The Open Door – Meditation and Dharmadoors (Stockholm)

Krishnamurti use to say,

“Meditation is the beginning and the end”

To know who we are we must go in, that means go behind appearances. That means go deeper than the thinking, feelings and senses tell us.

The dream we call life

Life is a dream, dreamt with open eyes. Is a dream true? Yes it is experienced but it has no intrinsic nature. The night dream is created by the dreamer in the bed. The dream we call life is dreamt by “The cosmic dreamer”- God. We and our experiences are Gods dream. So when we wake up we realize our identity with the Divine. Jesus says in The Gospel of Thomas: “Me and my God is one”. To get to realize that truth, we must meditate and to stay in that truth we must meditate.

What we will do:

These three days is meditation, Dharmatalks and Satsangs. We will practice active and still meditations, so we approach the ignorant mind from many sides! Three days like this can get you in the very, very good habit of meditating every day! Contact: