The Inner Wedding

Uniting what has never been separated.

Satsang and Inquiries

With Tara and Nukunu at Yoga Kendra Malmö

This evening will be about recognizing something we have never got or can lose. Our true nature which is pure freedom and peace is for 99.9999% of people forgotten in the drama of life. We know that there exist a fulfillment otherwise how can we claim that we are not fulfilled? But we look for it in the wrong places.

After God had created the world he got so many angry and complaining letters
People were dissatisfied with this or with that.
Finally he asked his wise men and woman, “How to escape all this”
Some suggested “Go to the bottom of the sea”, “No”; God said they will come there also in their submarines one day. Others told him to move to one of the distant stars. “No they will come there in their spaceships and complain”
Finally someone suggested, “Hide in the heart of man, not one is looking there”
“Yes” said The Lord very well. And so He did. And very few people have looked and found him.

This evening we will discover the secret of the heart.

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