The Buddha Within

Realizing The Luminous Heart
Goa, India, 18.-24. February

Realizing our self- that which was never born and cannot die- what the Tibetan Buddhism calls The Luminous Ground – is known by relaxing through layers of thoughts, feelings, moods and body sensations. It is like allowing the “clouds” to just pass and suddenly the Sun is there. It was there all the time but could not be known because of all the different clouds. That is what a retreat is about: creating a space so the Everyday Mind can relax and there may come moment of no activity in the mind. In this moment the Luminous Ground is realized.
Tibetan Buddhism calls it the Buddha Nature, mind or Luminous Ground.
We will have a Dharmatalk over a Dzogchen text every morning, Satsang in the afternoon and work in the hot chair. We will also do Gayatri meditation and have Vipassana sittings every day.
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