Summer Camp 2019

Summer Camp in Gilleleije

The Summer Camp is always a joy. Meeting  and and sharing with friends.
There will also be Dharmatalks, Satsangs and small workshop in Breathing, Relationship, Massage, Associated Inquiry, Tibetan Tantra and more…
Sacha and Irene will play bajans so we can go high on Chanting.
This year there will be the possibility to stay on for another 3 days and meditate. When we have been social it is easy to go deeper into our self. You can sleep in the outhouses or in tents.

During the festival 3 of Nukunus people will also give Satsang. It is Lokesh, Richard (Purusha) and Calle.

The last three days  26. to 28. is a silent retreat.


Practical information

The Summer Camp starts 10:00 o’clock July 21th and ends in the evening on July 25th. The following Silent Retreat starts early morning July 26th and ends 17:00 o’clock July 28th.

In relation to all the practical circumstances regarding Summer Camp and Silent Retreat you will need to answer the following two questions (Please send the answer as a reply to this e-mail):

1: Arrival and departure – date and time? – Minimum participation are two days!

2: How do you wish to sleep, in a beed in a dormitory, in your own tent or in the meditation hall?


We have 10 beds available in 3 dormitory’s, this means that some of you will have to bring your own tent and sleeping equipment. It will also be possible to sleep in the meditations hall if you bring your own sleeping equipment. If you are going to sleep in a bed in one of the dormitory’s then bring duvet, pillowcase and bed sheet.


To keep the course prices as low as possible you will have to take part i the daily cooking and/or cleaning, this will be approximately 1 hour per day.


The course price is 400Dkr per day (unless you have an other agreement with Nukunu), please bring the money in cash.

The Beach:

We have a lovely beach nearby so if you want to have a swim bring what ever you need for that.


Beach in Gilleleije

Facebook group:

We have made a facebook group so that you can share your informations about traveling, driving together, etc. Follow link below: