“Sudden Awakening, Gradual Cultivation” intensive with Nukunu

Love and devotion

This three day intensive is about Love and devotion and is a part of the Sudden Awakening Gradual Cultivation series of workshops. Participation in the previous workshops is not required to join this one.

On the path of awakening we cannot avoid Love and Devotion. If you mainly work on the path of wisdom it is a must that you also come to love. To take this last step goes through the heart. And the same goes if you follow the path of love – you will also have to embrace the wisdom.

In these days we will go more into Love and Devotion, what it really means.

Many people think – out of habit – that there is something for the mind to find out because our society knows nothing else but thinking and conceptualizing. It is about just being “Still” for a moment! You cannot “try to be still” as it will be an activity, you just have to Be still!

Ramana Maharshi say, “Enlightenment happens when the mind sinks into the heart”

We need to learn to be in the heart even though many people are so afraid of it! Maybe we are scared of being rejected, losing control or of the unknowable.

Devotion can only work if you love yourself! If you don’t love yourself you tend to  “admire” others. Admiration is separation and ignorance. It can not take you into the Truth of Non-duality.

Welcome, Nukunu