Relationship and enlightenment

Rising in Love, Relationship and Enlightenment

Relationship is a very powerful way to wake up.

If you are in a committed relationship, there is a very good chance to go deep into it and confront all fears with your partner. If you do not have a intimate relationship you will be busy getting needs for sex, love, and meaningfulness fulfilled, then it will be difficult to focus on your “awakening“. If there is trust and you are faithful, the relationship can be a very POWERFUL way to “wake up“.

Our biggest fear is loneliness because we do not really love ourselves.

This is kind of a paradox, if we can work with each other we will slowly learn to be ONE, in this ONE-NESS there is not you and your partner, there is only the TRUTH and you are THAT it is a “natural state” This is difficult to reach, if you are fighting with your alone-ness and running from one partner to another to find peace.

In this group we will work with some of the main difficulties about going deep with your partner. We can work with this even as “singles“ because in the group we will also work with therapeutic exercises that can help us see through our barriers and to come home on a very deep level.

Even if you not are in a relationship (maybe you have been) you can still go deep and realize what there is and what is holding you back like fears and suffering.

This group is for both singles and partners