Nukunu in India 2020

About Nukunus stay in India 2020

Nukunu will be in Goa, India, from late January. In Goa he will have a group which Nukunu named “In the mouth of the Dragon”. This group will happen from February 3rd. to February 12th. 2020. The group is international, meaning open for all, but will have Russian translation.  After this group, and depending on Nukunus health, we will go to Tiruvanamalai and Rishikesh. In Goa will go out and see the Dolphins and in your free time there is the possibility to go riding on elephants and take tours into the mangrove and see crocodiles.


Early – bird price – 490 euro (registration before 1 of January )
Usual price –  550 euro ( registration after 1 of January)
Registration fee – 100 euro. 


In the mouth of the dragon

In the mouth of the Dragon.

10 days meditation retreat in Goa

With Nukunu assisted by Svetlana

February 03.-12.

Price: 500 EURO

This is a retreat for all nationalities. It will be in english with Russian translation.

In the temples of East Asia you will keep on seeing the dragon with a pearl in his mouth. It symbolises that the enlightened state (the pearl) is hidden in the experiences (the Dragon) In Buddhism they talk about everyday or ordinary mind  and nature of mind. Nature of mind is ordinary mind and ordinary mind is nature of mind.

It means that what we can experience- appearances (ordinary mind) is essentially identical with nature of mind – enlightened mind. All our experiences, what we call our world including perceptions, hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting, smelling and thinking are essentially the enlightened mind. So our enlightenment is hidden in all our experiences. The Dragon symbolises the ordinary mind. If we know only the ordinary mind then Buddha will call your life a life of pain (Dukkha) Samsara- a dream and ghostlike life, ending with death. But we can wake up by recognising the pearl in the mouth of the dragon. How to do that? By confronting the dragon and realise that all experiences are impermanent- that the dragon is just appearances then we will know our nature to be the pearl. In reality “the Dragon” is enlightenment if we can look through Samsara- Ordinary mind. The pearl in his mouth is our Enlightenment but we must dare to come absolutely close.

A longer Meditation is about relaxing the everyday mind to a point of stillness where there will be an effortless shift and you will realise that you are the Nature of the mind. This shift brings you into a freedom and beauty that is beyond description.

When you have realised the Nature of Mind you will not be bothered about what appear in the Every Day Mind.

The retreat will be in a wonderful place in South India. We will have Yoga an hour every morning with Svetlana. Dharmatalk, Sittings and Mantra singing with Nukunu.

Svetlana has been assisting Nukunu for the last 12 years. Beside this assisting she is so highly educated  in many advanced therapies.

Booking, Svetlana:


Ramanans Ashram in Tiruvanamalai

If Nukun´s body can make it we will go to Ramanans Ashram in Tiruvanamalai, and stay in “Singing Heart Ashram” (or The Cosmic Airport) – an old friend of Nukunu.
Sign up in good time so we can prepare.


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