Stocholm Tantra Festival

Nukunu at Stockholm Tantra Festival

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About the Stockholm Tantra Festival

It’s about yoga, meditation, health & self-esteem. It’s about relationships, present meetings, intimacy and sex. It’s about a vulnerable exploration, a celebration & the balance of life.

A full weekend with workshops and lectures by high quality yoga and tantra teachers from Sweden and abroad. New possibilities to try out and listen to a tantric perspective and it will be full of people who love to enjoy the fullness of life. There will be space to explore your inner being, in relation to the world around you. Warmly welcome regardless your level of experience. We got something for everyone.
Thank You All 470 people who contributed to the Stockholm Tantra Festival, spring 2019 being such a success! We were many who not only witnessed but also in depth experienced a great weekend, with many inspiring meetings, lectures & workshops.

With satisfied participants, organizers and co-creators, it is obvious that we are aiming to make Stockholm Tantra Festival even better in the autumn of 2019! We have invested in a larger, fresh, accessible venue, good sound, lounge with private café, so that even those who did not get tickets last year will get one now! Warmly welcome!!