New Group of Non-Dual Therapy Traning (postponed to a later date)


UPDATE: Nukunu will be in the hospital getting a knee operation at this time. The NDT training will be postponed to a later time. More info will come.


The Buddha Psychology has its starting point in the fact we are already whole.
Buddha Psychology is about freeing that which is already whole in man. Meditation therapy and Dharma-Doors can help to realize that which is already unborn and un-dying in our innermost reality.
The Western Psychology is different compared to the Eastern Psychology. It is like the difference between painting a picture and carving a statue.
Painting a picture you add something to an empty canvas, you are creating something new, something that was not there before.
Carving a statue is totally different- the statue is already present in the stone you just have to remove what is in the way for it to be exposed fully.

In the Buddha Psychology the starting point is that man is already whole, it is not something that has to be created. It is there as our very essence. That essence is the Buddha, Our Natural State, and Enlightenment.
Man is born in oneness with this Divine wholeness he doesn’t need to be changed to come back to this oneness; he just has to re-remember who he is.

From the 60’es and up to now we have developed a more holistic understanding of man’s psychology in the West. People like Marslow, Wilhelm Reich, Frederick S. Purls and others invented new method like Bioenergetics, Gestalt, Counseling that comes very close to the Eastern understanding.

So in the work with Non-dual Therapy, we use many of these more contemporary ways like, Gestalt, Voicedailog, NLP, Family Constellations, Breath-work, and Enneagram and combine them with meditative techniques and Dharma doors.

“We don’t have to be changed,
We just have to be exposed.”

This expositor can happen by bringing light – understanding to all the places in our psychology where we are unconscious.
You can also say that in Non – Dual Therapy we are not interested in changing anything with man, vi are focused on realizing something that is not changing in mans consciousness.
That unchangeable reality has so many names here is just a few of them: Buddha Nature, Atman – Self, Pure Consciousness, God…
To rest effortlessly as this reality is called Enlightenment.
This enlightenment is a shift in our perspective. We become again normal as we where when we were born. We will again see the world with eyes of innocence. Eyes not lost in words,

The Non – Dual – Therapy training is building on three pillars.

  • Therapy
  • Meditation, Dharma Doors
  • Enlightenment

Therapy can help us to become aware of all the places where the mind is fighting with itself. Through this awareness we will relax and come into our heart.
Meditation is about relaxing into our self and becoming aware of the Luminous Source.
Enlightenment is realizing our identity with Source.

  • Primal Feelings, Breath and bonding
  • Relationship
  • Working with Post Traumatic Shock
  • Shame
  • The Death Process
  • projections, Introjections
  • Gestalt and Counselling
  • Voice dialog
  • Psychic Readings
  • Meditation
  • Self-Inquiry
  • Unification
  • Associated Inquiry and Double Attentiveness
  • Dharmadoors

The training will be conducted by Nukunu and Naropa. (more info below)

04-08, start 19.00 the 04 October, 20017
31 November- 03 December Starting the 31 November evening 19.00, 2017
11-15 April, starting the 11, evening 2018
20-24 June, starting the evening 20, 2018
12-16 September, starting the evening 12 2017

The price is 3.900, for 4 days incl. Food/acc.
Deposit 3.900, before 02. September

Introducing: Naropa – Jeppe Lindstrøm.

Since I will be one of the group leaders for this training I guess you might be wondering who I am.

So – who am I?:

I’m educated as a BA in Psychomotor Therapy and over the last years I have been connected to a Danish Minnesota treatment center as a body therapist working with addictive and often traumatized people.

I meet Nukunu in the summer of 2011 and that meeting changed my life in all its aspects. This meeting changed my believes of who I thought myself to be. It changed my view on life as an opponent to death and it gave me through breathwork and other bodily techniques a direct access to releasing me from my almost constant attachment to the past. In short all of this gave me the opportunity to experience what real meditation is and it have also over time given me in a continually growing contact with my true being, the pure unidentified consciousness, of witch Nukunu and all other Non-Dual teachers talk about.

At the same time my meeting with Nukunu have put me on the path as a body therapist and in my daily work I use parts of all the things that I have learned from training with him.

Non-Dual Therapy, the body oriented part:

The bodywork that I will teach in this training will help you to make deeper aspects of your mind conscious, to release old bodily, emotional and mental armoring and to bring you into a more profound contact with your bodily senses. This will strengthen your bodily, emotional and mental grounding and centeredness and the meditative state of “just” being which is the foundation for the rest of the training. You will as in the other parts of the training be working with yourself as well as with partners in a therapist-client relation and you will have a great opportunity to develop your abilities to create rapport and therapeutic change.


The techniques and themes we will cover in the body oriented part is as follows:

  • Breathwork – breath therapy
  • Recian therapy & bioenergetics
  • Early life decisions and imprints
  • Shock & trauma therapy


Relevant Curriculum Vitae:

2010 – 2012 Intensive personal meditation practice and retreats – Tibetan Buddhism and retreats with Nukunu

2011 – 2013 Non-Dual therapist training with Nukunu

2012            Body Mind Medicine MBSR (Mindful Based Stress Reduction) with Jon Kabat-Zinn – One week intensiv.

2012 ->        Assisting and leading group sessions in body therapy and active meditations on Nukunu’s tranings in Denmark and abroad.

2012 ->        Teaching breathwork, mindfulness and giving individuel sessions in body oriented psychotherapy

2013-2015   Non-Dual Therapy Advancend Training

2014 – 2017 Bachelor in Psychomotor Therapy

2015            NGH Certified Hypnotherapist

2016 ->        Body therapist – Individual and groups at Addiction Treatment Center Tjele

Apart from what is mentioned above I have participated in quite a bit of courses and trappings in group therapy, dance-movement-meditation workshops and festivals with relevant themes.


I am excited to meet you,

Love Naropa