Non Dual Therapy Training part 3 in Kiev

Awakening Through Listening – Bardo Thodol

In this part of the training, we will work on the heart. So we will work with love and death. and we will explore the Bardo Thodol, Tibetan Book of the Dead. This text from Padma Sambhava can help us to get in touch with what we are not living now.

People who have lived are not scared of dying.

So if we missed to realize ourselves through living, there comes a second chance when we die. We will meet everything we have avoided in our lives, and have a second chance to see through it. It is to see through maya, forms and names.

For some reason death always brings us close to our heart. Maybe it has to do with that meeting with death stops the mind. And we come to here and now, the heart. So this part is about exploring the heart and coming to true love.

Bardo Thodol is a step by step journey, leaving this life and preparing for the next. On every step on that journey we can get awaken. It’s a very fascinating and freeing experience. It is dying before you die.