Living The Real

“Life is not something out there that we can capture with more or less luck!
We are our self the source of life. If we are not in contact with that source we may wonder why our life is so pale and meaningless”

In this Intensive we will enter into the Spiritual Heart and
Invite a change in our life.

  1. We will work with how we came into this live.
  2. Change the deep imprints that creates our lives now.
  3. Come into the realization of who is living now.

To know who we are is a revolution in the psyche.
The real is that which never changes.
The ego-sense gives a superficial and false sense of stability and permanence. It is false and unreal because whatever we do to support and stabilize the sense of ego there is always fear and doubt.
To live the real is to live from our center- the natural state.

The natural state is reached by experiencing “who I am.”
Who I am is reached in a moment of no thinking; it is a matter of the heart!

It means to actually relax back into the source from where any feeling, sensation and thought arise. It is “tracing back the radiance!”
In these 5 days we will clear the past so the future can rise out of clarity and love.

Deadline 4th April.