8 days meditaion retreat in India, Goa, 2018

Manny people spend their hole life never looking ind – never asking “who is living?”

When I was around  25 my father, 2 uncles and my grand father died within 2 years. Seeing how they died and what they had understood about themselves made me decide that I will not not die like this with the words of Shakespeare:

For most people, “life is a tail told by an idiot full of noise and furry signifying nothing”

I guess you agree if you look around?

What is the point of living if we don´t realize the truth? For this presence-consciousness and meditation is a must. This is the way to use the mind without being used by the mind. The mind know nothing about the truth. The truth the mind can fathom is speculation and believes and that is not the truth. The truth is realized in a moment of “stillness”, in a moment of no thoughts. To have a moment of no thoughts is with Zen, “more difficult than moving a mountain.”

To take 10 days for a meditation retreat is a very powerful way of inviting the truth. The truth is already in us but the very looking for it- seeking it takes us away from it. We must stop up and just be here now and that is what the meditation retreat is about. When this stop happens we realize that

“I am the  carrot (truth) I was running after”

There will also be Satsang and Dharmatalks combined with different ways to meditate and surrender the thinking mind.


People from Russia book with Lana, svetlanamil@live.ru

From elswhere, Nukunu, nukunu.youarethat@gmail.com

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