Satsang denmark

Free your life

With Tara and Nukunu

The 5 character types

On this day we will introduce you to the Neo-Reichian character types combined with Non-Dual work.

The 5 character types are a great way to come into where you stop you life and where you don’t live fully.

Through bioenergetics and deep breathing we will help you to identify which types is dominant in you. Each type has a shadow side, a repressed side and by becoming aware of the shadow you can live more fully and aware.

As the mind becomes aware and silent we can go deeper in to who we are.

The day will end with Satsang.

Price 900 SEK for the day
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In this video Nukunu talks about 5 body types:

For more information about Tara (Juaneeta) and her work, please look at her Facebook page called Journeys with Presence.