Connecting heart and sexuality

Connecting heart and sexuality (event cancelled)

(event cancelled)


Feeling alive and content with life comes from the contact with our inner Self, with the body, people and nature. On the contrary, feeling disconnected from our Self and others we experience as suffering and absence of love.

Consciousness expressed in a body

Our approach is based on seeing a person as a whole, as consciousness expressed in a body. The state of fulfillment comes from experiencing one’s vital energy and sexuality, bringing this life force into relationships, work, creativity, self-expression. Being sexually alive has little to do with the right body shape, our age, or having a perfect partner.

Connecting sexuality with the heart

It is about our self-perception, our attitude to life, staying in contact with inner and outer world and our ability to go beyond limiting programs and imprints of the past, our ability to listen to the heart and be guided by it. Connecting sexuality with the heart gives our experiences and relationships more depth and beauty. Connecting heart and sexuality is the key to be in contact with reality, with life. Our sexuality is the driving force and our heart is the guide. I see it as the way to re-connect with the Natural Self.

3- days work- shop

We invite you for this 3- days work- shop, where you will explore your vital energy, connecting heart with sexuality. The main idea of this work is to reconnect with the vital energy in a person and in his relationships.

During 3 days you will experience:

  • Theory
  • Exercises in small groups,
  • Breathing meditations,
  • Emotional trauma release exercises,
  • Tantric exercises,
  • Dancing meditations,
  • Individual work in the group,
  • Guided meditations.

Group leader:

Svetlana Milushkina (Russia)


Psychologist, member of the European scientific society, founder of the personal development center “Joy of Life”(Russia, Moscow), traveller.

In her practice Svetlana uses such methods as Resource Psychotherapy, body –oriented therapy, Non Dual therapy (Nukunu), Reference Point Therapy ( Simon Rose) and mediations, combining effective modern therapeutic methods with eastern spiritual practices. For more then 10 years Svetlana leads traveling groups to places of power in India, Nepal, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Indonesia.

You are welcome to join us!

Comment from Nukunu.

Lana is really coming with something new. I can really recommend to take part in her group.
Cost 490, euro 3.400, DK Food/Acc incl.

Svetlana ,

Deadline for booking. 28 June