Goa, India 2016

You have learnt to look with only one eye so you only see the apparent; the superficial.
You must come to see with two eyes, the apparent and the essential,
and finally with your heart which is the oneness of the other two.

In these seven days we will work with different processes to stop the mad search for enlightenment.

The whole secret about spiritual enlightenment is the art of stopping the mind.

Everybody is searching for happiness, for fulfillment. Some believe that they can find it in life other give up to find it here in life and commit suicide. People in this second group are not really tired of life, as it seems to be. No, life is just not giving them what they want so they kill the body out of desperation when they are not finding what they kook for.

There is another possibility when you discover that life is promising but the goods are never delivered. Instead of killing the body, you can look for were the true happiness is and you will discover that you never got it or lost it. It was there all the time but your entire search took you away from it. Happiness is the closest definition of who you are, and it is always there. You cannot get it or attain it because you are it already. There is not path to it! On the contrary all paths will lead you astray. It is your very being, but when you look for it and search for it the being is turned into doing and you are miles away from it. It is not that you have lost it, you cannot do that. You can be forgetful about it that is all.

I say that enlightenment is the last nightmare because we look for it, we strive to attain it. We search for happiness, love and peace, but the more we fight and struggle to get it the more it moves away. It is like trying to grasp the horizon! We run and run but still the horizon is at the same distance from us.

Few people get this point and stop, but those who do realize that when all questions and inquiries end there is also an end to the one who was searching. It is a kind of mental suicide for when the question ends the questioner also ends. In that moment arises something that can’t be talked about; something that gives rise to all experiences but is not an experience in itself. As a by-product of stumbling on this open secret arise peace, love and happiness. But the moment we start to entertain these lofty feelings, the truth of our being has already entered the world of experiences.

So it is better that we don’t say anything about it otherwise we may again end up in a mad search for it.

The best thing to do is just silently accepting it. It cannot be understood because we are it, and the moment we try to understand it we turn it into a concept. A concept is not only relative (it can be discussed about) but it also implies a separation between my concept and me! This duality immediately takes us away from the truth. In truth there is no” you” and “me”!

Have you sometimes noticed that you get happy when you get what you long for? If you after a long time of work finally obtain the desired object, there is a moment of happiness. The moment you get what you desired you become desireless for a short period of time. There is peace and out of the peace arises happiness. This happiness is not coming from the desired object! No, the peace is there when there is no questioning, no striving. That is why I say that happiness is already in you!

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