Be As You Are, Christmas Retreat

Awakening is total intimacy with life.

When the intimacy is ultimate.

There is a transcendence of separation.

And you become life itself.

Whatever form it has.


To know who we are we only need to experience this moment as it truly is.

Life always comes as a something here now. Life is experience after experience. If we could allow our self to be truly intimate and aware on what is in just one of these moments there would be a spontaneous awakening. We are at the “bottom” of every experience! But we are rarely present with what is as it is!

First, it is very difficult just to be present with this moment. We are most of the time dreaming and hoping for something else and secondly there is always a battle going on in the mind of rejecting or grasping so to be just intimate with this moment can be difficult.

If we could just for one instance relax into what is without trying to change it we would realize directly that our true nature is the essential nature of every experience. We would see that every thought arises spontaneously and is liberated spontaneously. In that movement the child is united with the mother: The sense of me (child) merge in the absolute (the mother).

In that realization there is a going beyond separation (ego.) It is knowing our self to be a living present that forms every moment spontaneously. We could also say that we are a dynamic creative spontaneity.

But al this is talking about the menu and we want to enjoy the dinner. We want to sense the dinner melting on our taste buts. For that we must trust and relax with experiences just as they are, boring or exiting is not important. When we can be absorbed into the moment – body sensations, feelings and experiences without loosing awareness, every moment opens and reveals its mystery, which is “the true me!”

In a meditation retreat we will learn to relax the mind so we can be present with what is.

When the mind relaxes we can move from the “front room” into the “inner shrine”, the heart. This movement is necessary because the mind do not know about intimacy, it only know how to divide. The heart knows intimacy and oneness. The mind can only think about who you are the heart what you are.
The price is 5.000, and includes food and accmodation.

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