Kaivalya I and II

Kaivalya I and II

The Art of Liberation

Kaivalya means “Spiritual Liberation”. It is a word that Ramana Maharshi often used for the Natural State.

Over the last 15 years I have worked with so many people using many techniques. So far, I have noted that one of the most powerful techniques that has brought people into clarity is the one I will teach over these two weekends.

My hope is that when learnt, people will continue with this technique after participating in the two weekend courses. Because even though people may have a moment of clarity (Kaivalya) it will be overpowered by old habits very quickly if it is not cultivated.

What is it about?

Man’s consciousness is like a Hurricane. A Hurricane or Tornado has a moving periphery and a still unmoving centre. The unmoving centre of a Hurricane is called the “Eye.” And it is well known that the Eye is absolutely still while the periphery may be uprooting trees.

When we are in our centre (the eye), meaning in the Awakened or Liberated state, we are not caught up or identified with all the moving experiences and mental states in the mind that we know so well.

The Eye of the Hurricane is not separated from the periphery even though they are totally different. It is the same with man’s consciousness! The Awakened State – Kaivalya is not separated from feelings, thoughts and perceptions.

We may have many ideas (periphery) of what liberation is, but if we have not seen the whole picture – if we don’t know both the Eye and the periphery – our understanding will be only conceptual.

Over the two weekends you will learn ways to move to the centre (the Eye) and out, seeing that there is no separation.