The Gayatri Mantra

Om bhur bhuvah svah

tat savitur varenyam

bhargo devasya dhimahi;

dhiyo yo nah pra-chodayat

It is not enough to go to courses now and then – most people also need to continue to develop their understanding and their realizations. For this purpose the Gayatri mantra can be of great help. The way we practice the Gayatri Mantra comes from the lineage of teachers that Nukunu also is part of. This practice is a very, very old way of using the mantra and the chanting carries the energy from so many years. So coming together and chant the Gayatri will help us to stay and deepen what we already know. We have therefore opened up the opportunity to come together and meditate in many places both in Denmark and abroad.
You can join a Gayatri meditation group here:

– Open Facebook Group – participate from home For more information click here
– Odense, Denmark For more informaton click here
– Oslo, Norway (Rolf Farmen)
– Göteborg, Sweden (Rinzai)
– Malmö, Sweden (Laxmi)
– Solhälla, Sweden (Nukunu and Genko) For more informaton click here
– Stockholm, Sweden (Savitri)
– Åmål, Sweden (Rishi)
– Kiev, Ukraine (Meera Bay) For more informaton click here

This is the list so far. Tell us if you are interested in opening up for Gayatri where you live.
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Mantras are working on vibrations. By repeating a mantra loud or inside you are creating a vibration in the body and mind that is similar to the object desired. Money, marriage and so on.

There are even Death mantras. In the old traditional Hindu world and still today you have to die in Kasi (Varanassi), Shivas town, and have the ashes spread out in the Ganga river. Then you will not need to come back in another life. So if you are old, poor and the death is not coming and you are waiting and waiting in Kasi then you can start to repeat a death mantra to die.

If you long for Enlightenment you can repeat a mantra like Gayatri, which will take your body-mind into a very subtle vibration that makes it easier to look through the illusion of life.
The first times we meet the Gayatri Mantra are in the Vedas which are said to thousands of years old. As you can see on the picture she is a woman. She is understood as the mother of all mantras. The Gayatri mantra also has more esoteric meaning. The female energy know how to wait- it is receptive and is intimate. These are qualities that help to realize who we are.

She is also the mother of the three Gods, Brahma (the creator God), Vishnu (the maintainer of the illusion) and Shiva (the destroyer of the illusion). When an experience arises it is Brahma. As the experience seems to linger it is Vishnu and finally when it dies Shiva to give space to a new experience. This is what we call manifestation, life or appearance. But that is not the truth! The real life is not coming and going. So what is it that gives life to creation, maintenance and destruction? That is the Truth, God, Source – it has many names but is but one reality.

It is that reality that the Gayatri helps to realize.

There are many books about the meaning of Gayatri the words.
“Om”is the totality, “Bhur” the earth, “Bhuvah” the astral realm and “Svah” life beyond.
The Hindus believe that when we die we first leave the body and enter the astral realm. From there we go to the world beyond where we will suffer or enjoy the fruit of the karma we created in the live we just left. Then we are reborn in a body that fits with our karma.

The next words means something like: May this Savitur Varenium (wonderful truth God) wake up in you wherever youbelieve yourself to be – in this world, the astral or the world beyond. These three are not your truth so wake up. And may all beings, by the help of meditation, wake up to their true nature.