Sudden Awakening, Gradual Cultivation

A powerful training in how to work with the six fundamental elements
in the journey of awakening

During this training you will learn six ways of working both with yourself and with others. Over the years I have noticed that there seems to be certain stages that people encounter in the search for their true self. The six steps that are listed here are dealing with issues that people often need to deal with, sooner or later. Although the word “step” is used it is not so that these issues occur in a certain order. There is a great variation between individuals depending on their background. Some steps might be more important for one person and other issues will take up more space for another. Everyone is unique and it is important that a program like this also recognizes this. Each one of us has different needs but there are also certain things that are common and therefore all the steps are covered in this training.

You can choose to participate in all the modules or just one or two. The steps can also be taken in any order that suits you, and you do not have to start with module one.


Step One and Two – Know Yourself

Discrimination and Unification

These two sections are an invitation for you to see how the two approaches – Discrimination or Unification – work for you.

The approach of Discrimination is the path of using the mind to go beyond the mind.
Here you will explore witnessing, self-inquiry and working with Koans. Koan is a Zen-term for a question or a statement that helps the student to go beyond the mind.

Unification is the approach of embrace and acceptance. You will learn the art of “Associated Inquiry” and “Double Attentiveness”.

Step Three


This part is dealing with clarity about the goal.

If you do not know what you want, how can life provide it? If what you believe you are looking for, is not the same as what you are actually looking for. Or if you want to go to Stockholm in Sweden, you will not be successful if you take the train going to Amsterdam!

You may believe that you are looking for self-realization, while you are actually working on something else.

Focusing is the art of being firm and clear about your invitation to life!

Step Four

There are no Obstacles

During this meeting we will investigate what we believe is in the way for us to reach clarity. We do not wake up because we keep on giving energy to doubt.

Doubt is identifying with the thinking mind. It is being caught in habits and conditioning.
Doubt is the greatest Master that follows you to the door. Doubt remains as long as the understanding is only conceptual.

Step Five


Surrender is about seeing through attachments.

The surrender we are teaching is about surrendering attachments to the countless modifications of the mind! This means that it is not about surrendering your feelings, but about surrendering your attachments to your feelings. Not about surrendering your thoughts, but about surrendering your attachments to your thinking. Not about surrendering your body, but surrendering your attachments to the body.

Finally the ultimate surrender is to surrender the idea that you know what enlightenment is and that “you” can reach it!

Step Six

Meditation – Cultivation of Clarity

Meditation is an ongoing cultivation of clarity.

The meditation that “you can do” is not really meditation but the mind’s effort to stay present.

True meditation is remaining as unidentified presence. In the moment of awakening, remaining unidentified becomes effortless.

Meditation can always be practised but the first five steps will help you to benefit from it on a much deeper level.

The program in general

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