Overcoming Spiritual bypassing

Starts: 23-06-2023 Ends: 25-06-2023

Where?: Matter of the Heart Center, Gilleleije, Denmark

If we want to wake up, and also when we had moments of clarity, we have to see through repressed stuf in our mind. Otherwise this repressed memories, feelings , etc., will sabotage our clarity.

Many knows all the words, reading all the spiritual books but still doubt is there. It is because we may not have worked through all the repressed stuff and seen that it is all “impermanent” and essentially, when we realize its true nature, it is our Enlightenment.

It is not about avoiding it! You must see through it. You cannot get free of something that is not really existing. You have to wake up and realize that is has no intrinsic nature.

So on this day we will work with deep stuff and invite the clarity.

Starting in the morning 10.00 on the 23 and end late afternoon 25.

You can sleep over for free 22. to 23.

Price 2.500,

Sign up in good time: nukunu.youarethat@gmail.com

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