St.George and the Dragon (and Satsangs). Netherland

  • Satsangs 22 and 23 November
  • St. George and the Dragon 24 – 26 November

With Nukunu, Kortgene Zeeland, the Netherlands

The story goes that the knight comes on his horse and kills the dragon, thereby freeing the virgin.
But in my understanding, the brave knight is a symbol of the mature courageous heart and the dragon is the mind, while the Virgin is the source to which we come back. This is the mystic perspective
So if we are courageous like the heart of St. George we meet the mind from our totally innocent open heart and in that very act, the mind will literally sink into the heart and dissolve. Then the source (the virgin) which is who you are, is freed. The virgin symbolizes the untouchable. In Christianity, the Virgin Mary became pregnant and gave birth to Christ without ever being touched by a man. It has a very deep meaning in mysticism. The source creates everything but is not touched by anything. This is the realization upon spiritual awakening; the real you is the mother of all experiences, feelings and thoughts but is not in anyway used or touched in this creation.

Enlightenment is living from the Heart, meeting every experience from the heart and by that very experience, it becomes your enlightenment. Enlightenment is a total unconditional intimacy with all experiences. That is the mystical meaning of “killing” the dragon and freeing the virgin.”

Booking deadline 10 November

Irene Brakman
mobile phone 0031611120650

There are also satsang,
Satsang with Nukunu on Wednesday 22 November 19.30 – 21.30 in Westlicht Goes

Thursday 23 november in Padma Middelburg 19.30 -21.30