Matter of the Heart Intensive

Matter of the Heart Intensive, Helsingborg

A great teaching is what helps you to realize that there are no “Me” and no“You”
All content in the thinking mind is devoid of any separate nature.
Life as we experience it is “The dance of the Beloved.” and we are one with the beloved!
In the Old India life is called “A Leela”- a play. I love it? It is the Divine that play all the part, even the “disbelieve” is the play of the divine. The divine is the only thing that is.
You can also say, “The magician is hidden in the magic”. To realize this we must go beyond the apparent- what we experience with our thinking and senses. In the East creation- thinking and experience are called “May”- the wail. How to go beyond the apparent? By seeing that it is “impermanent”.
These two days will be practical work into the very debt of consciousness.

Price, 2300 SEK. Deadline for signing up 11. May
Booking, Maria Pålson, Phone: 0046-733144918