Atma Vichar, Self Inquiry

Introduction This little article about self inquiry is a transcription from a dharmatalk given in 2005. Because of this the […]

Let go and become the gap

A direct way is to watch the gaps. We believe that there is a connection between the process of experiences. […]

Wanting what is

All there is is consciousness. Consciousness as forms is the same as empty consciousness. Consciousness as forms is manifestation; experiences, […]

Enter every form and name

“By entering every form and name realize the nameless and formless” (Nukunu) The Dual nature of Consciousness When we are […]

You are not the doer

Thomas Aquinas had six proofs for the existence of God. One of them was: Since everything is moving there must […]

Who bothers?

The Basics of Unification This is a description and an example of working with the Dharmadoor called Unification.This little article will […]

Freedom here and now

Preliminaries An old story from India: A man saw a big cobra on the road and he rushed back to […]