NDT Theraphist training start March 2023

Starts: 16-03-2023 Ends: 10-12-2023

Where?: Matter of the Heart Center, Gilleleje, Denmark

Man’s mind is like a hurricane with a very chaotic periphery and a totally silent unmoving centre.


Non-Dual Psychology – The Psychology of Enlightenment

In Non-Dual Psychology the starting point is that man is already whole. It is not something that has to be created. It is there as our very essence, and this essence is the Buddha – our natural state and our enlightenment.

Man is born in oneness with the divine wholeness and he doesn’t need to be changed to come back to it. He just has to remember who he is. It is about freeing that which is already whole in man.

Non-Dual Therapy, in combination with meditation, can help us to realize that which is already unborn and immortal in our innermost reality.


Traditional Western Therapy

In most Western schools of therapy there is the belief that there is a “me” separated from all the experiences – thoughts, feelings, perceptions, the body and other bodies. And this “me” has to work and become free from unwanted experiences! It can be traumas from childhood, relationship problems or frustrations that the “me” experiences when it wants to grasp for a good feeling or get rid of unpleasant things.

There are many variations of therapy. I have personally learned and worked with many of them. But the majority of them are based on the belief in the duality between the ego-subject and the objects or experiences. These types of dual therapy keep us fighting in the periphery through the use of names, labels, concept and judgements. Labeling immediately takes us away from the experience.


There are many obstacles. One of them is doubt. We are not home before we are free from both doubt and no doubt. As long as the ego-mind is believed to be the centre of who we are there will be doubt. The ego-mind balances on the line between knowing and not-knowing. But our true nature is beyond both!

NDT Non dual theraphist training
NDT with Nukunu

Non-Dual Therapy Training

On a regular basis I give longer trainings in Non-Dual Therapy. This is an opportunity to learn techniques that you can use and share as a Non Dual Therapist. This training is usually given as a series of retreats.

For many years I have been training people in Non-Dual Therapy. This training is built on three pillars: therapy, meditation/dharmadoors and enlightenment.

The basic focus is not on changing the personality, but to realize our true inner nature – the unchangeable reality which has so many names; “Buddha Nature”, “Atman” , “Self”, “Pure Consciousness” or “God”. To rest effortlessly in this reality is Enlightenment and this is the ultimate goal of the Non-Dual Therapy!

Nukunu group in Goa, India
The gang in one of Nukunu’s retreats.

Practical Info

Many people wanted to do the last Non Dual Therapy Training. So I have decided to do a new one here in Gilleleje, Denmark.

If you have any questions or are interested in doing the training contact: nukunu.youarethat@gmail.com

The training has 5 parts, each 4 days long. Each part cost 3.500,- DKK incl. food/accommodation.

Every part start the first day at 10am. If you come from far away you can stay over the night before the training start for free.

Place: Matter of The Heart Center, Gilleleje Denmark. (Nukunu’s home)

Dates for the new training

T1 March 16 – 19 2023

T2. May 4 – 7

T3 August 10 – 13

T4 October 12 – 15

T5. December 7 – 10

Sign up for for the first part (T1) latest March 1st. 2023!