Meetings will happen online

Because of the Corona Virus, we will need to work more thru Skype at this point. Sometimes we meet in person. Call on this Skype nr, “Nukunu Larsen” , and I connect with you.

Whole day – two sessions, morning 10.00 afternoon 15.00.

  • May 31st.
  • June 21st.

Satsangday – Satsang at 19.00

  • June 2nd.
  • June 16th.
  • June 25th.

Individual session if you want
You can always have individual sessions on skype. If so mail me at

See you! – Nukunu
(More will come as we see how the Coronas behave.)


Whole day 600.- live / on Skype 400.-

Satsang 150.- live / on Skype 100.-

Here is how to pay