Journeys with presence

A  Zen Master was asked, ”What is the difference between you and other people?”

He answered, “When I eat I eat, when I sleep I sleep, when I walk I walk”

What is the Master talking about? He is emphasizing being present with what we are doing!

How often do we really stay present with what we are doing? To really enjoy the sensation on our taste buds while eating a fruit, really savouring all the flavours in it, the delicate fragrances, nuances in colour of flowers when walking in a garden and allowing the experience to become our whole world.

Even when we walk in the nature are we really present with our experiences? Very often, the mind is constantly busy labeling and judging the experiences that we end up missing the present moment. ‘Ah this scenery reminds me of my childhood experience when I was walking my parents and…then they started quarelling…’and all the misery within associated with a memory, with the past, becomes the current experience as we get lost in thoughts.

How would it be instead to see things for what they are in the present moment, to be present in our senses, to be so total in our senses that all sense of ‘I’ disappear, to merge in the moment and experience oneness with it. 

Walking in a forest with presence, you might be surprised about the clarity with which you experience the trees and the whole forest. The senses get sharper and clearer. This is because your consciousness is not divided between your actual experience and your thinking- you are not distracted! No, your consciousness can embrace the experience totally and it feels like seeing with different, newborn eyes. Suddenly the forest appears amazing colorful, you notice so many exciting details you never saw before. You become like a small child-a small child is still able to experience the world directly-he does not have so many words yet, so life is always new and exciting. He has not yet learnt to look at the world with the glasses of the mind, has not learnt yet to experience the world with words and concepts.

Says Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas, “To know my Kingdom of God you must be like small children again”

And more than that, when you meet your experiences without the mind’s disturbance you may suddenly feel the whole forest to be as holy as a temple. You may have moments of one-ness with all you see whereby the boundary between your being and the experiences you perceive melt away and you cannot really distinguish between ‘You’ and ‘what you perceive’. It can be felt as if the experience of the forest opens up and becomes transparent and you fall into blissfulness. We call it moment of clarity when that happens.

Being totally present in what you are doing not only opens up all your five senses but it also fills you with blissfulness because you come in touch with who you really are.

On our Journeys with Presence, the emphasis is on presence and meditative practices, so we can really experience the beauty that we encounter and come home to our true centre. The resulting deep inner relaxation is one that becomes an ongoing undercurrent when we also come back to our work and daily life.

Our journeys with present are meant as help to know real life.

Every moment spent in unawareness is precious life wasted.

Retreat in Rishikesh, India (March 2013)

We will have a 10 days retreat in Rishikesh in a simple ashram with very beautiful surroundings out in the nature-we will be doing sittings by the banks of the very powerful River Ganges, close to where she springs. The retreat is recommended for people who are willing to work with themselves on a deep level and is very supportive in experiencing moments of clarity.

Arranged tour in North India (March 2013)

After that, there will be an arranged tour in North India, near the Himalayas which is open to everyone.  It is an opportunity to experience India is a safe environment with all arrangement made for good standard accommodation, safe eating and transport and with an English speaking guide. We will go to Himachal Pradesh. Marked by its lush green valleys, cultivated terrace and alpine forest, majestic rivers and lakes it is a place of pristine natural beauty.

 We will go to Dharamshala, the seat of the Dalai Lama and get more acquainted with the Tibetan culture and spiritual practices, visit Tibetan monasteries and old hindu temples. On the way, we will stay in a house surrounded by green tea fields in the quiet, beautiful nature in Bir.

We will also have small trekking tours and you will also have free leisure time to move around, shop etc. We will also practice small meditations based on mindfulness.

The tour is also an opportunity to put meditation into practice, practicing surrendering to the moment and meditating on impermanence on the market place. The many unexpected sometimes funny scenes we come across traveling in India make us become naturally present. Every moment is also full in itself with beauty, joy and heartfulness that often marks Indian sceneries is an opportunity to open the heart. The air is saturated with mantras and spiritual energy gives a special dimension to the travel together with the lush sceneries up north. Meeting the depth and essence of this very old culture of wisdom- with ancient temples and monasteries where we can see live spiritual practices. Witnessing monks making the beautiful mandalas of sand, working on every intricate detail meticulously for hours even days and then destroying them afterwards does make us meditate on the sheer joy of doing without any attachment.

Note that we can arrange help with transfer from and to the international airport in Delhi with overnight stay and sightseeing in Delhi if needed.

Journeys with Presence: Mauritius (January 2013)

Experiencing a journey of deep relaxation in the exotic décor of Mauritius is possible.

Juaneeta is born in Mauritius but lives in Scandinavia, where she works extensively with meditation and mindfulness together with her partner, travelling around the world. She takes people to Mauritius during the Scandinavian winter time during one of her journeys with presence. She also arranges cheaper yet luxurious stays with the aim of making this exotic destination with crystal clear blue waters and fantastic nature with mountains and waterfalls more accessible to people than the classical expensive hotel stays.

You are welcomed to join Journeys with Presence to Mauritius, January 2013.

We will do many interesting exercises to bring us in the now, in the present -small relaxation meditations, mindfulness practices and sharings from the heart. We get a sense of living life being awake instead of letting it flow by as an unconscious dream. We will also use the natural beauty of the island to ignite the senses with awareness and really experience paradise!

On the plan

  • swimming with wild dolphins and the possibility to encounter sperm whales if we decide to set out to the deep sea- a beautiful journey also to experience the beautiful island from the sea
  • exploring the wilder south of the island with unique cliffs and the very charming nature
  • tasting the exotic cuisine and encountering the warm hospitality of people
  • snorkelling in the living reef and seeing the natural aquarium amongst the beautiful corals and colourful fish
  • visit to nature parks to see the endemic fauna and flora on the island
  • visiting islands and possibility to see the pink pigeon ( a unique specimen) and old giant tortoises
  • soaking up the sun on the white sandy beaches and lazing off the turquoise blue lagoons
  • contemplating the magnificent sunsets,

Meditation program

  • Using the breath to become present
  • Rebirthing exercises using the warm sea water
  • Body relaxation
  • Conscious observation without judging and being total in the senses
  • Meditate on impermanence
  • Meditate with the sea
  • You are where your attention is
  • Celebrating every moment
  • Observing the traffic of thoughts in the mind with the light of awareness
  • You are a hollow bamboo through which life flows
  • Powerful exercise with the heart: Transformation of pain
  • Sharing from the heart- a way of relating that bring trust

In the here and now, everything just is…and there is great peace in that.

We will practice a few easy mindfulness exercises that will help us become more present and meet ourselves on a deeper level. It can also be possible that you experience glimpses of awakening or get clarity insights

Likely outcomes with the regular practice of such exercises are often a sense of deeper relaxation accompanied with increased sharpness, increased efficiency in day to day life, better relating and more love, enhanced creativity, developing more intuition in life.

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