Inner Man – Inner Woman

Starts: 19-09-2024 Ends: 22-09-2024

Where?: Matter of the Heart Center, Gilleleije, Denmark

In the Poona days back in the 80’s I gave a group called “Inner man / Inner woman”. This group was very much inspired of Carl Gustav Jung. He said that the second chakra – Svardistan- which has to do with feelings and sexuality, could not be fully developed if we don’t realize this chakra.

It means for a man coming in contact with the Inner woman and for a woman the Inner man. He said, that the woman, that a man may fall in love with, will be a more or less fully representation of the Inner woman and for a woman the same. He also said, that should you actually meet a fully complete representation of your Inner man-if you are a woman, and the inner woman if you are a man, this meeting would be so strong that you could actually faint.

So since Poona much has happen and in group we will work with how we can actually wake up working with Inner man/Inner woman.

Starting in the morning 10.00 the 19th. and ends afternoon on the 22nd. at 17.00.

Price 3.500.- DK incl. food and accommodation

Book via email:

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