Healing shame

Healing the Shame that binds you

Starts: 17-11-2022 Ends: 20-11-2022

Where?: Prague

Solar plexus chakra is not only will power but also shame.

There are two kinds of shame; red shame and white shame.

Solar plexus contains all the different personalities we identify with and live through. Some of these personalities we identify with easily during the day, others are more hidden, like the wounded child, the angry and resentful one. Likewise with the beautiful one. So many of the personalities are out front, played out every day, but there are others that is in the shadow and repressed.

To come into who we are; the nature of mind, pure consciousness, we have to meet and see through all these personalities also the sexual perverted and violent ones.

The shadow hiding personalities has to be allowed to be seen and met, and we can only do that with the help of the deep understanding that they are not real. What does this mean? It means that if we experience the shadow personalities totally, for example asking “Who are you?”, letting go of all analyzing, concepts, judgements and labels and are just in a no mind experience of the pure sense of “I AM”, then we wake up to “who we are” not what we think we are”. You will not be scared of any sub personalities if you have had a glimpse of who you really are!

You behave or do things that you feel is not right

We can feel shameful of our self – the present personality- Red shame or natural shame. It is going on all the time openly, you behave or do things that you feel is not right, your thoughts may be red and you say “sorry!”. 

But there are deeper and more hidden parts and personalities. They are not allowed to come out in the open. They are the repressed and disowned ones. They usually don’t show up unless we are provoked. They represent what we call “toxic shame” and can be very destructive and dangerous. They can totally invade the consciousness because they are full of repressed energy from maybe our whole life.

In situations where our beloved ones leaves us, it can bring a lot of repressed sub-personalities up. The jealous one, the rejected one or the wounded child. Unless you can stay with it and see through them, you may end up acting out, which can lead to violence (and some really bad cases murder).

It is very important that we find a safe place, a therapy group is the best, and that we begin to open up in trust with all our hidden personalities. Otherwise you are likely to end up with drug- and alcohol problems. You will need “mood changers” to endure and continue to repress the dis-owned part of your self.

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