meditaion retreat

Fear of life and death

Starts: 26-05-2023 Ends: 29-05-2023

Where?: Åmål, Sweden

Fear of death and life is there as long we believe that they are real.

What do I mean by real? That they have a separate lasting nature.

The truth is “They don’t have!!” If you really look without labeling and conceptualization, your experiences disappear. 

When you realize deeply that it all appear in consciousness, but it is just like a dream; or a movie. What is real in a movie? The light! it is the light that create all the forms- mountains, people, cars, etc. So it is “pure consciousness” that create all the forms and names (consciousness with forms and names).

The realization of your true nature is the only thing that removes the fear. Otherwise people live in fear conscious of it or not.

In these days we will go into ordinary daily situation and be free. Free of ignorance.

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