A day with Majken

Starts: 17-06-2023 Ends: 17-06-2023

Where?: Matter of the Heart Center, Gilleleije, Denmark

(This one day event is not with Nukunu)

Do you want to be a sheep? Well, I don’t. So, I don’t like to go to the Christian church and be seen as a sheep among other sheep.

However, Christian mysticism is something else. There is another way to follow Jesus. To see him as a spiritual master showing the path back to unity with God, the deepest truth, here and beyond. To let Jesus guide you, not in words, but in pictures and silence. A meditative way.

I know it works. Because Jesus guided me and my heart. And I found that old mystics as Paulus, Francesco of Assisi, Meister Eckhart, Juan de la Cross among others confirmed my way.

Besides originally Christianity was called “The Way”.

I followed the way.

I woke up to realize my own nothingness in leaving my I and melt into the oneness with God and be free.

I would like to guide you to freedom too.

Saturday 17. June 2023

10:00 – 17:00.

Book here: mbb@visioncompany.dk

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